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If you want to become a body builder either by profession or for passion you have to employ a personal body building trainer to achieve your goal in the right way. You can see faster results and your efforts can be regularized if you have a professional trainer to design a bodybuilding workout progrom for you.

Many body building enthusiasts think that employing a personal trainer will cost a lot of money but it is not true. You don’t want a celebrity trainer but you want a person who is professional who can understand your limits and fame your training to meet your goals. There are many trainers calling them professional and you can employ one of them but you should know what qualities must be present in a trainer to help you in your goals.

Basically you have to look for a trainer who is certified to train people. This certification will not talk about their efficiency but you can understand that the person is serious about giving training and he has gone to classes to gather more information. You can also check if the trainer has obtained a degree in the exercising area. This will show that he is very serious about his profession. These degrees and certifications are just starting points but you have many other important things to check out.

Your trainer must be interested in your health and welfare. The trainer should advice you to see your doctor to get his advice even before you start muscle building. If you have health complications that inhibit you from body building then you must not take this profession. Your trainer should at least ask you if you have visited your doctor.

Your personal trainer should understand your limitations and your goals. Bodybuilding workout regime depends on an individual and your trainer should understand your goals and what you expect him to do for you. You should have a good communication with your trainer and you both must be in sync to get along with the body building workout program. You must explain your commitment and how much time you can devote to body building so that your trainer can frame your program accordingly.

A professional trainer will take more care about you. He will advise you about your diet and he will take care that you sleep adequately. Diet and rest is very important for a body builder and your trainer must motivate you to reach your body building goals. More than these your personal trainer should take care of your health and should be able to advise you properly when you are injured. Also look for trainers who have updated information in the body building industry so that they can use the latest technologies to help you build your body efficiently in the most natural way without any harmful side effects.

Many people believe that there is only one type of body building and body building can only done by professional males. But actually there are actually four types of body building namely professional bodybuilding, female bodybuilding , natural bodybuilding and finally teenage body building. In each of these types there are four different competitions.

Body builders build their body to participate in the competitions and win titles. A professional body builder is one who has won qualifying body building titles. By winning many titles in many competitions the professional body builder will be awarded International Federation of bodybuilding Fitness (IFBB) body builder card. Then he can [participate in the other official competitions and if the score is high and good then a professional body builder will be allowed to participate in the Mr. Olympia competition which is the dream of any body builder.

Just like men women can also build their body and participate in the boy building competitions. Women compete against women and not men because both of them have different physical structure. IFBB also recognizes female body building and a high scoring woman can participate in the Ms. Olympia body building competition. Female body building started around 1970 and female body builders started winning titles around the 1980s.

Natural body building is recognized by a different organization called the North American Natural Bodybuilding Foundation (NANBF) and it has an association namely Natural Physique Association (NPA).  Professional body builders use steroids to build their muscles as against natural body builders who will never touch the steroids for building their mass. They have to build their body in the natural way. If you are a person who took steroids many years ago, then you cannot participate in the natural body building competition. All the participants will be tested medically to ensure that they dint use any drugs for stimulation. Apart from steroids the other banned drugs include prohormone, diuretics and anabolic steroids.

There is a separate division called teenage body building where competition is held between teenagers. They need not compete against the adults as it will be very tough.

Very body builder irrespective of the category always want to win the title Mr. o r Ms. Olympia. Body building is a passion rather than a profession. If you have this passion then you can identify the category in which you fall to participate in the competition. When you really follow the body building routines and maintain fitness you can score high scores to participate in the final competition. You need to set your goals and work towards them if you want to reach the destination.

Goals are the cornerstone by which we lay the foundation of our muscle building success.  It is important that you write down your specific goals so that you can take a look at these from time to time.  This is to remind you of what you want to achieve while you are training.  This has kept many a successful body builder on track.  Like them, you can be successful as long as you first sit down and specify what you want from your body building activities.

The first thing you have to do is to write your first vital statistics.  Make a list of your measurements, before you even start taking essential bodybuilding supplements and do any body building.  This includes your body fat percentage, you weight, the measurements of your waist, thighs, chest, upper arms, forearms, calves and neck.  Keep the list.  This will make an excellent reference point so that you will know how much you have improved over time.

Secondly, once you start bodybuilding workout program, you should also take note of your diets nutrition.  List down the food and vitamin supplements you are taking.  Aside from this, you should also list down your training schedule, the kind of exercises you do, as well as the number of repetitions and sets you make for each kind of exercise.  Also, include the total length of each workout.  While you are at it, be sure to also list down your liquid intake.  This will help you determine whether you are taking in the right amount of nutrients.  These records will stand you in good stead in the future, as this will help you understand your growth and development as a body builder.  So be sure to keep up with the records.

After listing your initial measurements and other pertinent information, the next thing you have to do is to write down very specific goals.  Note that it should be specific.  It will not help to say that you want a well-toned body or that you want to be thinner or that you want to have a six-pack.  Cut it down into specifics – list down the muscle weight you want to achieve or specify the measurements you want for your chest.  Remember, the more specific it is, the easier it is for you to aspire for.  You will not reach a goal when you really do not know exactly what it is that you want.

Of course, it would help to first discuss your body building goals with your nutrition and personal trainer to get their input.  This will help you develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals.  It will also be helpful for you to set a timeline along with your plan.  This will make your goals more tangible as you have a specific date you can look forward to.

Again, we stress that it is important to set specific goals and write down a specific action plan to reach your goals.  This is what most of the successful body builders do. Listing the other pertinent information down will also help you determine the things that work for you and what does not in your bodybuilding workout routine.