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Many people believe that there is only one type of body building and body building can only done by professional males. But actually there are actually four types of body building namely professional bodybuilding, female bodybuilding , natural bodybuilding and finally teenage body building. In each of these types there are four different competitions.

Body builders build their body to participate in the competitions and win titles. A professional body builder is one who has won qualifying body building titles. By winning many titles in many competitions the professional body builder will be awarded International Federation of bodybuilding Fitness (IFBB) body builder card. Then he can [participate in the other official competitions and if the score is high and good then a professional body builder will be allowed to participate in the Mr. Olympia competition which is the dream of any body builder.

Just like men women can also build their body and participate in the boy building competitions. Women compete against women and not men because both of them have different physical structure. IFBB also recognizes female body building and a high scoring woman can participate in the Ms. Olympia body building competition. Female body building started around 1970 and female body builders started winning titles around the 1980s.

Natural body building is recognized by a different organization called the North American Natural Bodybuilding Foundation (NANBF) and it has an association namely Natural Physique Association (NPA).  Professional body builders use steroids to build their muscles as against natural body builders who will never touch the steroids for building their mass. They have to build their body in the natural way. If you are a person who took steroids many years ago, then you cannot participate in the natural body building competition. All the participants will be tested medically to ensure that they dint use any drugs for stimulation. Apart from steroids the other banned drugs include prohormone, diuretics and anabolic steroids.

There is a separate division called teenage body building where competition is held between teenagers. They need not compete against the adults as it will be very tough.

Very body builder irrespective of the category always want to win the title Mr. o r Ms. Olympia. Body building is a passion rather than a profession. If you have this passion then you can identify the category in which you fall to participate in the competition. When you really follow the body building routines and maintain fitness you can score high scores to participate in the final competition. You need to set your goals and work towards them if you want to reach the destination.

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