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Weight lifting is a very effective way for you to control weight loss and at the same time ensure that you have a well-toned, well-defined body. Along with a regimen that includes a healthy, well-balanced diet and a bodybuilding workout program that provides a combination of different types of exercises, a weight lifting plan will do your body wonders. In fact, it will improve your body ten-fold. You will be surprised at the amazing effects that will unfold before your very eyes.

What is involved in weight lifting? Well, it is actually using weights in order for you to develop strength in certain targeted areas as well as promote the growth of your muscles. This also falls under the category of resistance training and it has lately been gaining popularity, as weight lifting enables you to target specific areas. It really is a versatile kind of exercise.

In weight lifting, you lift and lower weights that are usually held by hand. These weights are lifted in an extremely controlled manner. You do not lift weights and quickly lower it down. You raise it and lower it slowly and deliberately, exercising control the whole time. Mind you, weight lifting involves doing a certain number of exercises that target different parts of your body. These exercise are repeated a certain number of times within a set.

For a weight lifting routine to be effective, you should combine it with a good, balanced diet. The bodybuilding diet nutrition should be filled with healthy and nutritious food. Another important combination is to add some cardiovascular exercises to your weight lifting exercise plan. These three, when used in tandem, will do wonders for your body.

Here are some weight lifting exercises you can try: bicep curls, power clean, sit ups, bench press, shoulder press, calf raise, leg press, chest press, leg extension, back squats and lower back extensions. This is just part of a long list of exercises. There are still plenty more on the list. There are also quite a number of variations so you can experiment to find the exercises that best suit you and that can best develop the areas you want to build up.

Remember, a weight lifting bodybuilding workout routine should be recommended by a professional fitness instructor. It should also be supervised so that you only lift the right amount for the right number of repetitions. You should not overdo your weightlifting, as this may result in permanent injuries to your muscles. Do try to avoid putting in too many weights on your routine. Also, remember to combine this routine with cardiovascular exercises and a healthy, balanced diet.

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